PracheenTNS multi band Organic & Ayurveda shops in Bangalore, India.

PracheenTNS is promoted and organized to provide Organic food and Ayurveda products to the society - through retail and wholesale distribution - manufactured by industry leaders with domestic and international standards.

PracheenTNS is proud is to take active part in tertiary sector of organic and Ayurveda by following the footsteps of dedicated industry leaders who have invested their Time, Money, Idea and Skill to create awareness among farmers & consumers and making our country a global hub and ideal place for the growth and development of organic farming and Ayurveda

PracheenTNS & TNS hospitality Private Limited, with its decades of expertise in food industry has immense knowledge about the organic food and its requirements. The knowledge is the first hand information it has obtained over the years of best work practices and optimum use of products. TNS over the years have used almost all the products many times in their restaurants and have their own knowledge bank about the applicability, effective usage for greater results and wellness of each and every product they promote.

And also TNS has dealt with all those manufacturers of the organic food and Ayurvedic products and know first-hand about the business ethics and policies of them thus enabling it to choose wisely the products of ethical manufacturer, as TNS believes “Health is wealth, which should never be compromised”.

To become world leader in distributive trade of organic food and Ayurveda medicines

To Educate and enhance the knowledge of our employees, farmers and consumers with the support of manufactures and experts in organic farming and Gurus of Ayurveda and encourage healthy habits in them by popularizing healthy food.